Since 1970 SL Aviation Services has been active in the field of airport planning, design and implementation. Major airport projects include the complete planning and implementation of Mombasa Airport in Kenya and extensive planning and construction for Harare Airport, Zimbabwe, as well as major projects for a number of international airports, among them Munich and Zurich. Since the 1980s the range of services has been expanded to include air transportation and logistics and airport and airline management consultancy.
In 1993 as one of the evident results of the end of the Cold War SL was awarded one of the first contracts in Europe to demilitarize a former air base to become a civilian airport with commercial and industrial zone. Since then a number of conversion projects have followed.

From 2000 to mid 2002 SL cooperated with Fraport’s wholly owned aviation consultancy subsidiary DACO on research to develop a quality management and marketing assistance concept for cargo hub airports, which after DACO’s withdrawal from the market is being continued by SL.

SL defines its principal policy objectives as providing user oriented consultancy services with an emphasis on:
  • Cargo Hub - Airport Development
  • Integrated Airport / Airline Analysis
  • Airport Analysis, Planning and Operational Assistance
  • Dedicated Research towards Process Improvement as per the Customer’s Requirements

Current as at October 2002